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The Letter RPG

10th July, 2006. 10:33 pm. From the depths of my heart---(mennybeads)


I hardly think that was proper, and I am most upset with you. How could you have done that? So insensitive. Mother is also really upset with you. (Although Father slept through it, I suspect.) I do hope you shall be on your best behaviour next time.
Nonetheless, I believe I shall have overcome my grief by next time I see you (which I am already looking forward to.)

I don't think, however, that proposing to me now is a good idea. We're not ready, yet, to live on our own, don't you think so? I don't think my Parents are ready for such a drastic step. Of course, it has nothing to do with you, my love. (See? I believe I have already forgiven you for you crimes. I think I just wanted to let you know that that was not fit for a repeat performance, dear.)

While residing in the City with you, I, of course, have seen the play of which you spoke a few letters ago. Upon meeting the man you indicated, I realized Alison has done a good thing indeed by advancing on him. (How crude, though for the woman to do so! But she has always been a bit of a strange sort, much as I love her.) He's a most charming individual, and I am glad Alison found someone, after all. They are 'a match made in heaven,' as they say nowadays.

The youngest of our cats, as I heard upon arriving back home, is gone. I am most upset, especially with the oldest one in the condition she is in. We do not know what happened to him, actually. We suspect that he ran away, though. I hope, if someone found him, they are taking good care of him. He was the sweetest thing.

Now, I believe I have bored you long enough. My dearest, please be well, and give my regards to your parents for me.

All my love,

(P.S. Yes, so I couldn't resist another Crimson Hand letter. The author would like to note that this letter is written in a much bolder script than a lady such as s/he is posing to be should have. It resembles the script of the young men of the late 19th century.)

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7th July, 2006. 6:34 pm.(mennybeads)

My dearest Olivia,

as I was on my way back to the City, going swiftly further away from you and our precious time together, I got to thinking. While on the train, seeing all kinds of little things, I wondered what those things meant to people. A tree in the middle of a field, that might've been part of a happy childhood memory. A sandy road next to the hobbly train tracks. Goats in a messy backyard.
And if those people regarded me, sitting there, what would they think of me? Or would they even notice?

I was obviously lonely without your inspiring company, lovely, but don't you think this bears some thinking, at least? It is really quite magnificent, what you think of when on a train.

Upon returning, I could not scrape together the courage to tell mother of our rendez-vous. She believes I went to visit Cecily. Father, I have told. I believe he was but barely conscious at the time, but nonetheless, I have told him. I am sorry, my dear. Please forgive me.

Alison has introduced me to the most charming of men at the Opera. He plays the part of 'Algernon' in that new play. Though I don't think you would have heard of it. Of course, in the play, he is perfectly shameless, but offstage, he is quite charming. I believe he should be a good match for Alison (of course she has implied of such relations between them, but I do not think he has already talked to her outside of the Opera).

I hope you are well, my love. Give my regards to Aunt Algeria, will you?

All my love,

Current mood: melancholy.

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9th May, 2006. 7:36 pm.(mennybeads)

In response to the memo of 02/03: Colonel, don't you think that's a bit harsh on Private Jenny? I mean, I can't do anything about it for obvious reasons, but can you just think it through again? He was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Please.

Pitiful regards,
Private Gregory Stone

Current mood: begging.

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9th May, 2006. 7:33 pm.(mennybeads)


just to give you some info: I've asked around a bit, and maybe you can take the plane on the 3rd of August, at 15.10? It's cheap and Ma and Pa are willing to pay too, as long as you visit them. I know, but it has to be done.
Johnny told me that he'll keep some of the stuff for you, as long as you'll pay.
Heads up, man!


Current mood: high.

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9th May, 2006. 7:28 pm. Letter no. 2(mennybeads)


You are ridiculous. If you continue to do this, I refuse to continue talking to you. You really don't realize what you are doing , do you? To yourself, to us, to the city.

I am willing to give you all the money I inherited from Father if you stop. Mother is in all sorts of states, even more so after Father's death.

What about that boy you met? Is he not worth stopping your business for?

Please stop. I shall do everything in my power to help.


Current mood: and also desperate.

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9th May, 2006. 7:23 pm. Letter no. 1(mennybeads)

My dear brother,

they're taking Jonathan away. I can't believe they're going to, after what happened with Nathaniel. Are they such heartless beasts? I am going to do everything I can to keep him.

I heard what happened to Mother from Josie. Is everything alright back home? I'm sorry I can't come visit, but I'm sure you understand the reasons. Please give everyone my kindest regards and well-wishes.

I hope to hear from you soon, and you can expect a longer letter next time. With all that is troubling me, I cannot muster the energy.

Much love,

(P.S. The first letter! I'm sorry if it's not all that good, people.)

Current mood: desperate.

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