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From the depths of my heart---


I hardly think that was proper, and I am most upset with you. How could you have done that? So insensitive. Mother is also really upset with you. (Although Father slept through it, I suspect.) I do hope you shall be on your best behaviour next time.
Nonetheless, I believe I shall have overcome my grief by next time I see you (which I am already looking forward to.)

I don't think, however, that proposing to me now is a good idea. We're not ready, yet, to live on our own, don't you think so? I don't think my Parents are ready for such a drastic step. Of course, it has nothing to do with you, my love. (See? I believe I have already forgiven you for you crimes. I think I just wanted to let you know that that was not fit for a repeat performance, dear.)

While residing in the City with you, I, of course, have seen the play of which you spoke a few letters ago. Upon meeting the man you indicated, I realized Alison has done a good thing indeed by advancing on him. (How crude, though for the woman to do so! But she has always been a bit of a strange sort, much as I love her.) He's a most charming individual, and I am glad Alison found someone, after all. They are 'a match made in heaven,' as they say nowadays.

The youngest of our cats, as I heard upon arriving back home, is gone. I am most upset, especially with the oldest one in the condition she is in. We do not know what happened to him, actually. We suspect that he ran away, though. I hope, if someone found him, they are taking good care of him. He was the sweetest thing.

Now, I believe I have bored you long enough. My dearest, please be well, and give my regards to your parents for me.

All my love,

(P.S. Yes, so I couldn't resist another Crimson Hand letter. The author would like to note that this letter is written in a much bolder script than a lady such as s/he is posing to be should have. It resembles the script of the young men of the late 19th century.)
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