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Dear journaler,

we have taken notice of you stranding here. It pleases us that you have, and we shall do our utmost to try and please you in return.
As you may know, this is a community in which letters are posted, and if you like, you can comment on them in letter-form. This way, something of an RPG is formed.
Before you write us your confirmation letter, you will have to read these rules. If you don't agree with them, please throw this away and seek amusement elsewhere.

Rule no. 1: There shall be no personal quarrels here. No abusing someone out of character. You can say all sorts of things, as long as it's in character. Please keep things friendly out of character.
Rule no. 2: if you want to say something out of character, please do it like this:

optional p.s.
(P.S. -out of character message-)

This to avoid confusion. (Please note that you don't neccessarily have to write letters in the form as we have written up there, but it is simply an example.)
Rule no. 3: of course we can't stop you, but we'd like it if you responded to a few letters. No need to comment on them all, but remaining inactive isn't much fun, is it?
Rule no. 4: NO responding to your own letters. The point of this community is seeing how others interpret your letter. Of course you can comment on the response.
Rule no. 5: no spamming. If you spam, we'll put a stop to it. No banning, but spam's annoying.
Rule no. 6: No MSN-language and the like. (Pretend they're real letters. We have never met someone who writes letters [not e-mails] that use terms like ur, lol, 2 b, etc.)

That's it for the rules. We hope you'll have a great time!

Sincerest regards,
L. and G.